Carrier and partner global network

We utilize our carrier and partner global network to provide solutions to any of your ocean logistics needs. Being an Ocean Freight Forwarder (OTI), we are able to utilize relationships with a core carrier network to provide consistent and competitive rates across the globe.

FCL Logistics Services

Full Container Load (FCL) is a shipping method for high-volume cargo in which one party owns all goods being shipped in the ocean container. In this shipping method, all goods are listed on a single bill of lading, although the shipper does not have to fill the entire container. Actus Logistics delivers world-class FCL logistics services to customers shipping goods around the world, ensuring smooth ocean freight transport and customs clearance.

LCL Logistics Services

Shipping Less than Container Load (LCL) is designed for freight that does not require a full container worth of space. LCL shipping consolidates your smaller shipment with other shipments into a full container. This process frequently reduces rates, adding to the value of LCL shipping for smaller shipments. Through this competitive service solution, we provide calculated transit times and reliable transport to gateway cities throughout the globe.

How it Works
  • Customer requests shipment.
  • Actus books the shipment with the ocean carrier.
  • Actus arranges for pickup of freight and completes the proper paperwork.
  • Your shipment departs from origin port.
  • Actus tracks your shipment until it arrives at destination port.
  • Customs clearance is completed.
  • Freight is delivered to the consignee or requested delivery location.