noun | ac·tus | \’akt-təs

Roman law : The right to drive a beast or a vehicle over another’s land. To deliver.

Actus Logistics was founded with a resolute aim: To create appealingly dependable and individually personalized logistics solutions that naturally exemplify our dedication to each clients’ bottom line and peace of mind.

Our story began with a realization: The logistics industry too often forfeits customer service and personalization, for rapid returns and automation. This mentality stunts employees’ ability to provide customers with the service, efficiency, and personalization that they deserve. ENTER ACTUS. At Actus Logistics, we take our namesake seriously: The right to deliver. The right to deliver by providing our clients with superior service and market expertise earned through experience, dedication, and drive. Actus provides land and air transportation solutions by prioritizing cost savings, collaborating with our customers supply chains, and drawing from our diverse industry experience. In an industry rife with uncertain variables, we have merged service, expertise, and cost savings to provide dependable services grounded clearly in results. It’s our right to deliver.